Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn

Victorian Mysteries 

Lady Julia Grey Series by Deanna Raybourn.

The year is 1886 and Lady Julia Grey is a young widow.  She meets the dashing but secretive Nicholas Brisbane when her husband dies suddenly and it unfolds that the  husband had retained Brisbane regarding some threats on his life. Brisbane is an “agent of inquiry” considered a lowly person-of-trade in Lady Julia’s society but Lady Julia herself is considered a bit of an oddball among “the ton.” Julia’s siblings figure prominently in each novel including her lesbian sister and her doctor wannabe brother. The books are told in the first person with Lady Julia narrating which is what makes them so delightful.  Julia has a dry wit and her banter with other characters is amusing.  There are presently 5 books in this series but the most recent book is not yet available at my library. (It is available in bookstores)     The titles are……….

Silent in the Grave (2007)

Silent in the Sanctuary (2008)

Silent on the Moor (2009)

Dark Road to Darjeeling (2010)

Dark Enquiry (2011)


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