The Shadow of The Wind by…Carlos Ruiz Zafon

Historical mystery

This is an incredible story; a dark and haunting novel taking place in 1945 Barcelona and originally published in Spanish. It is a mystery and a love story but it is also  much more. This a book about books. Ten-year-old Daniel is taken to the cemetery of lost books by his father where he must choose a book and protect it for life. He selects a book called SHADOW OF THE WIND and finds himself totaly engrossed in the book and hungering for knowledge regarding its author. Strange thing though, someone is trying to destroy all books by this author.  And the adventure begins….I loved this book and I think that is partly because it is so hard to define. I can say it stayed with me; I thought about the characters  and the story long after I finished the novel.  The book theme is strong especially since young Daniel’s father deals in antique books.

My perfect reading experience.


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