The Little Shadows by Marina Endicott

    Historical Fiction

This interesting novel opens in 1912 as a stage mother is auditioning her three attractive daughters  for a place on the vaudeville stage. The mother has refused to accept charity or assistance from her late husband’s family, determined  to be self-supporting and unwilling to address some past conflict. I really enjoyed this book  BUT I found the first 100 pages (or so) rather tedious. I know on my library website several people admitted to abandoning this book before they were far along. There is simply too much detail about their developing  stage act; add a song … add a dance… remove a song… use a different key… sing solo.. sing duet.. and on, and on. But at some point my interest became engaged and I became totally enchanted with the characters. The three sisters  mature and develop in this strange  world of the vaudeville circuit as their mother deteriorates in health and spirits. The other performers become their family as they face love, betrayal, heartbreak, success, failure. As the story progresses WWI becomes a reality that affects everyone’s life. I found this novel to be a very satisfying  book and I  only wish the author had followed that  old piece of  show biz wisdom…….Dazzle them in the first act so they stay after the first intermission.


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Filed under General fiction, historical fiction, world war 1

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