The Crossing Places…….by Elly Griffiths (2009)

Mystery——First in a series, the fourth book is set to be released in February 2012

I have loved this series since I read the first book  (THE CROSSING  PLACES) and I believe the series has improved with each book. Ruth Galloway is a university lecturer and a forensic archeologist.  She is almost forty, a wee bit overweight, and she lives at the edge  of a salt marsh in Norfolk U.K.–a lonely existence that she believes suits her just fine.  She is called in by the police to investigate when the bones of a child are uncovered. The police are sure that they will belong to a young girl who went missing almost ten years earlier. But no; Ruth determines that the bones belong to a child from the iron age, 2000 years earlier.

I love historical mysteries but this is a contemporary mystery that  still gives me some historical enlightenment. And the characters are great. DCI Harry Nelson is more complex than he seems at first and there is also a Pagan priest and Ruth’s Nordic mentor.The characters develop with each installment. This novel  is the perfect cross between a thriller and a who-done-it.

The other books presently available are THE JANUS STONE—-(2009)   and THE HOUSE AT SEA’S END  (2010)

This is a mystery series that I highly recommend!


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