The Dry Grass of Autumn ……by Anna Jean Mayhew (2011)

HISTORICAL FICTION    This is a book about racism, cruelty and prejudice as seen through the eyes of a 13-year-old white girl. At times difficult to read (due to the subject matter) but definitely an eye-opening and important novel.

It is 1954 and our narrator is 13-year-old Jubie Watts.  Her family is about to take a road trip from North Carolina to Florida and in the big family car is Jubie, her mother, two sisters, little brother and the beloved African-American  maid Mary. Mary is the anchor of Jubie’s life-her strength and comfort when her father beats her or her mother ignores her. The farther south this family travels-the greater the signs of racial discrimination and unrest.  Jubie sees this but it leaves her feeling confused and helpless.  Eventually the travellers are involved in a tragedy and their lives are changed for ever.

The author does a good job of relaying Jubie’s denial and shock and we see this young lass eventually act with courage and compassion.  This is an excellent book that has the power to stay with the reader long after it is finished. This would make an excellent book club choice.

This book would probably appeal to fans of THE HELP

Kensington books 2011.



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3 responses to “The Dry Grass of Autumn ……by Anna Jean Mayhew (2011)

  1. emersondell

    Sorry, I meant to identify myself…I’m the author of The Dry Grass of August, using a pseudonym here at

    • I am honored. Absolutely post my review. You will have to excuse me since I am stll learning about computers and blogs so I don’t entirely understand links etc. but it sounds good to me. (I am the other side of fifty but I am taking the occasional course). And congratulations on a fine novel. I reviewed it on my library web site as well.

      • emersondell

        Thanks, Deb. We’ll post a link to your blog (not sure if my earlier response came through…I am a learner, like you, and so unsure navigating blogs). I’d love to know the name of your library web site, if you care to share it. Thanks again & I hope you have peaceful holidays.

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