The Dark Enquiry…by Deanna Raybourn

Historical Mystery, Fiction

This is the story of a married couple.  The wife is deeply in love with her darkly handsome, olive skinned husband and she wants to be part of his career.  She wears disguises and follows him, and she tries crazy experiments that blow up, oh and they also make wagers with each other.  He loves her but she really can frustrate him and………hey wait a minute……..I know this couple………it’s Lucy and Ricky!

Actually, it is the fifth book in the Lady Julia series, a wonderful Victorian mystery series featuring witty Lady Julia and her handsome complicated husband Nicholas Brisbaine.  This book begins with Julia and Nicholas visiting a “Spirit Club” These clubs were popular among the “ton” in the Victorian age. The mediums  in the clubs offered hope to participants that they could reach their dearly departed loved ones.  A good   setting  for a mystery!

The characters in these books are great. Julia has nine siblings  and each book involves some of them.  This installment we learn a little bit more about Brisbaine”s  background.  For those people new to this series, the first book is called “Silent in the Grave”

MIRA Books 2011


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