The Scottish Prisoner…by Diana Gabaldon (2011)

Historical Fiction   1760 England and Ireland

Jamie Fraser AND a bog body—What a gift!!!

I am a huge fan of the “Outlander” series and more than a little bit in love with Jamie Fraser.  I have had less luck with the Lord John series (and this book IS from the Lord John Series) but I figured this book was different because it centered on  my dear Jamie. I was right. Initially, I missed the presence of Clare because really – what is sexier than a big tall Scotsman who is totally in love with his wife .  Those familiar with the “Outlander” series will understand that this takes place 15 years after the Culloden slaughter and several years before Jamie and Clare meet up again.  Jamie is a prisoner of war and paroled to work as a farm hand under the supervision of Lord John ,who is in love with Jamie but knows this love is not reciprocated. They form an unsteady truce when Lord John needs a favour from Jamie. They have quite the adventure but the best part is——a bog body. I have written about bog bodies in the past because I find them so interesting. They are actual human bodies, sometimes thousands of years old, yet amazingly preserved due to natural conditions of the peat bogs of Northern Europe–acidity, cold temperatures, and lack of oxygen . Scientists can discover oodles of information from these bodies–even last nights dinner (meaning the bog body’s last dinner–maybe 2000 years ago). Jamie’s bog body was murdered and this was not uncommon. Good book-good adventure but I still want the next Clare and Jamie book.

Anyone who is interested in bog bodies should read the books of Erin Hart. She has three fiction novels featuring an archeologist and a forensic scientist who study bog bodies in Ireland–each book usually has an old mystery and a new mystery. I love her books—“Haunted Ground (2003)” “Lake of Sorrows(2004)” and “False Mermaid”(2010)–lots of Irish folklore as well. See my post for October 29 2011 for more on bog bodies.


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