THE OTHER CHILD ……. by Charlotte Link (2013)

other childIt has been some time since I posted on my blog so I will start with a book that I read very recently and then I can tackle some of the books I have read during my absence. “The Other Child” is a psychological suspense novel written by an author named Charlotte Link who is hugely popular in her native Germany but not well known in North America.   I think this  might change. I have read novels in the European/Scandinavian genre before but I have a confession to make– I tend to  get bogged down with the proper names; those impossible combinations of vowels and letters (and little dots) that form the names of people, places and even street names. My poor brain just stumbles over these unfamiliar words and the resulting confusion really puts a damper on my reading experience.  Well my poor brain was happy with this novel.  Not only does it take place in England but people have names like Dave, Chad and Leslie. Yeah.

This is a suspenseful, multilayered double murder mystery with a thread going back to World War ll. The reader is introduced to the  characters before their connection is known.  This is one of those novels where very little should be divulged to the new reader so I will take my advice and say no more about the plot.  I do think this would appeal to fans of psychological suspense fiction.


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