Scottish Islands in Contemporary Fiction

scotlandMurder Mysteries;

In my next few blogs I will be discussing murder mysteries and thrillers that are set on various Islands in Scotland. It is hardly surprising to see authors setting their novels on Scottish Islands because it would be difficult to  find anywhere in the world that provided such a perfect atmosphere and backdrop.  The landscape can be austerely beautiful,  but it can also have a barren severe quality with sharp rocky outcrops and marshy peat bogs. The rainstorms can be unrelenting throughout the seasons  (and at times the storms can produce an angry sea), and clouds and mist can seriously affect visibility . Life can be very dangerous for the fisherman; and the crofters experience the often difficult task ,familiar to all farmers, of just scraping by during times of changing markets. These Islands are often remote and isolated and visitors are usually welcomed for the tourist trade but at times they may feel very much like outsiders. Let me assure you that I am making a generalization and I recognize the fact that all the Islands are different with their own culture and character.  The best books capture that culture and character along with providing an interesting plot.


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