THE BLACK HOUSE …….by Peter May (2011)

  • black houselewis manchess menTHE LEWIS MAN …. By Peter May (2012)
  • THE CHESS MEN….  By Peter May (2013)

THE LEWIS TRILOGY: three novels set against the backdrop of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

I’ve read all three of these novels and I just love them – all three of them – with no particular favourite. There are two main characters in “The Lewis Trilogy”: first there is a detective named Fin Macleod , and then there is the Island of Lewis itself.

 Fin Macleod is a native son, born on the Island where he spent the first eighteen years of his life before he transferred to the mainland of Scotland for university and eventually to join the police force.  As the first novel opens, almost twenty years after his departure, he is working as a detective in Edinburgh and coping with a ruined marriage and the grief and anger associated with his son’s hit and run death. He is sent to Lewis to investigate a murder that is strikingly similar to an Edinburgh murder; his Island knowledge and command of the Gaelic are considered to be an advantage. What follows is an engaging novel with an interesting whodunnit and a fascinating insight into growing up in a remote and isolated environment. The novel expertly moves between the present murder and the life of Fin as he was coming of age  He is both an insider and an outsider. The moody, unpredictable atmosphere is aided by the unsettled climate that in turn mirrors Fin’s unsettled soul.

The second novel in the series (The Lewis Man) still features Fin but it is more focused on another character who, in the present, is battling with Alzheimer’s disease. It is this character’s past that makes up the majority of his story. And a bog body!!! Bog bodies can be 2000 years old or very recent since the temperature, acidity and lack of oxygen in the bogs acts as a preservative. I have talked, in previous blogs, about my fascination with bog bodies and I recommend the novels of Erin Hart to anyone who shares this interest. (A little aside but now back to “The Lewis Man” ) I cannot stress enough how the description of the Island, its inhabitants, and its culture enrich this novel.

The third novel in the series is called “The Chess  Men” ; a reference to the famous medieval chess pieces discovered in Lewis in 1831, and featured in this novel. The novel also discusses the tragedy of the sinking of the HMS Iolaire on January 01,1919 which is a horrific moment in Lewis history.  The ship was carrying 280 passengers, mostly soldiers returning from WWI , when she hit a rock within view of Stornoway Harbour.  At least 205 of the 280 aboard perished.  It is somehow beyond sad that these soldiers should survive the war and die within view of their home. A young Fin is educated about this tragedy and learns how actions taken on that night could affect  life even 60 years later. This is the novel which probably illustrates the unpredictable nature of the Lewis weather the most and serves as a metaphor for life on the Isle of Lewis.

Did you know……?

Donald Trump is a son of a … not that….he is the son of a Lewis woman. His mother, Mary MacLeod was born just outside the capital city of Stornoway. Just a little fact you may need in a trivia contest.

I REALLY hope Peter May decides to make this trilogy a quartet (look to Ann Cleeves for inspiration ).

In conclusion,three novels that capture the atmosphere and details (lots of details) of the culture and atmosphere of the Isle of Lewis.  Lewis is the most northerly island (Part of Harris and Lewis) in the outer Hebrides. Known for its deeply religious inhabitants  (Sunday it closes down)  and for a deep adherence to the Gaelic language and traditions.


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