SACRIFICE … S.J. Bolton (Minotaur, 2008)

sacrificeAnother day, another blog about Scottish Islands in contemporary fiction. “Sacrifice” is an exciting suspense/mystery/thriller which is even more impressive because it is the author’s debut novel. It is a “stand alone” that was followed by two more “stand alones” and then a superb series (three entries so far). I’d say this author has a very bright future. Sacrifice takes place on the Shetland Islands. The main character is named Tora Hamilton and she has come to live on Shetland, the land of her husband’s birth. She is, of course, an outsider but even her husband has not been back for twenty years. In the beginning of the novel a grief-stricken Tora has rented a backhoe and is desperately (and illegally) trying to bury her beloved and recently departed horse. What she uncovers is a woman’s body. Bog bodies are not uncommon in these parts but this body was murdered with the heart cut out and buried for less than five years.
Bolton does a wonderful job of adding old legends into a modern story and she knows how to twist and turn a plot. She also vividly portrays the outsider vs. insider(local) aspect in the most compelling manner.
One of the “outsider” characters appears later in her “Lacey Flint” series – I won’t say a name because that would be telling.
When I say this book has everything I’m not kidding–there is even an appearance by the famous Shetland ponies.
Great book–watch for this author!


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