Does Your Mother Know……by Maureen Jennings (Dundern, 2006)

doesdoesI am back on my blog and I am happy to say that I haven’t yet run out of Scottish Island fiction with an emphasis on murder and mystery. Today’s entry is a 2006 novel written by Maureen Jennings. This author is well known here in Canada for her “Murdoch” mystery series that also appears as a tv series on Canadian tv. This novel is the first of two to feature Christine Morris as a Canadian police officer and expert in profiling. This is a contemporary novel. As the story opens, Christine is at a conference in Edinburgh where she is learning about modern police methodology. She is shocked when she is contacted by the Northern constabulary of the outer Hebrides and informed that her mother has been in a fatal car accident on Lewis and has disappeared. Christine is estranged from her mother but the last she heard her mother was residing in Canada. On Lewis, Christine finds herself working with a local officer in unexpected circumstances and together they try to solve a murder. Even Prince William figures into the plot. And the book covers a little slice of life on Lewis. The second Christine Morris novel is called “The K Handshake” (Dundern 2008) although it is set in Canada. A solid mystery.


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