EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY…. by Linda Gillard (Transita 2005)

emotionA continuation of my series featuring novels that are set on Islands in Scotland.  In my last 5 blogs I introduced novels of murder, mystery and suspense  and  I have discussed how the barren landscape, isolation, unpredictable weather and insider/outsider mentality can be used by the authors to heighten the suspense in these novels.  In my next two entries I will introduce novels with themes involving mental health issues and how the Islands (especially the isolation) motivate the characters and contribute to the plot.

The primary character in “Emotional Geology” is a woman named Rose. She has had at least one suicide attempt, she has been institutionalized, and she has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. She is also obsessed with her ex-lover despite having had no contact with him for five years.  She makes the decision to buy a house on a particularly isolated area on the Isle of North Uist.  Her plan is to avoid people, enjoy nature, and get to work on her beloved art. She has hopes that she will be able to reduce her medications in order to regain some of her creativity.

She writes in a letter to her daughter  “the locals have been kindness itself..” p.5 and one particular kind  local may be a whole different sort of problem…or not.  Culum is a single school teacher with his own set of baggage.

It is definitely not all clear sailing.

Rose’s story is told straight — no apologizing. A worthy read.



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2 responses to “EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY…. by Linda Gillard (Transita 2005)

  1. Thanks for reviewing EMOTIONAL GEOLOGY. I’m the author. 🙂

    I’m very interested in your theme of Scottish islands in fiction and I’ve posted a link to your blog on my Facebook author page. I think some of my readers will be interested in your reviews.

    You might be interested to know I’ve written about the Isle of Skye in STAR GAZING. (I lived on Skye for 6 years.) This book is unusual because the island is described from the “point of view” of a blind woman. I wanted to write about the island using senses other than sight.

    STAR GAZING was short-listed for two awards – one for romance and one for writing that promotes Scottish landscape.

    • I am honoured that you wrote to me and I have ordered STAR GAZING from my library and can’t wait to get started. Someone wrote a lovely comment about it on my library website. That is actually how I started with my blog; doing comments and lists for the library. I must thank you for the link to my blog – I am not media savvy (not actually connected to any social media) but I have already had an increase in visitors. Best wishes for your health matters….Deb

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