World War 1 and Fiction Novels

This year is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of WW 1 and in recognition of that fact I would like to present some of my choices for WW 1 fiction novels. These novels are set during, or in the aftermath of this war. Many would argue that nonfiction would be a greater use of one’s time and provide a more accurate picture of historical events. I can’t argue with that logic, I can only say that I prefer fiction. I like to get to know a character. enter his or her thoughts, follow them through their story, and in the case of a series, I can follow them through many adventures.  I have reviewed many of these books in earlier blogs and I now intend to do more of an overview. I will be including books that are set in the aftermath of the war because the repercussions of WW1 were enormous. In Great Britain a good portion of a generation of young men were wiped out, and in consequence, women found themselves with more options in the workplace. Until then women had few choices; they were wives(and mothers), they were “in service”  or they joined a religious order (with exceptions, of course) But so many of the men were gone, and women had gained experience in the workforce. There was change. It might also be said that WW 1 Caused a blurring of class lines. More change!

My next blog will feature some of my favourite authors and their WW 1 series.


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  1. I look forward to seeing your choices. As a historian and novelist, the First World War is my specialty and passion.

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