World War One Fiction set on Scottish Islands.

LETTERS FROM SKYE… Jessica Brockmole (Ballantine books, 2013) Wonderful novel told entirely through letters (epistolary style) encouraging comparisons to THE GUERNSEY LITERARY AND POTATO PEEL SOCIETY…by Mary Ann Shaffer.  In the  Spring of 1912 an American college student is lying in bed recovering from a dorm prank gone wrong. A friend gives him a small volume of poetry. On a whim he sends the author (Elspeth) a fan letter, and she replies from her home on the Scottish Island of Skye.  They correspond  back and forth, sharing their dreams and disappointments. I have reviewed this book in greater detail in an earlier posting but I will say that the plot takes them through World War One and beyond. There is also a second narrative involving Elspeth’s daughter and a World War 2 romance. I loved this novel!

THE ROAD DANCE……by John MacKay (Luath Press, 2002). The road dance in the title was an event held to say good-bye to the first boys to leave the Island (Lewis)  for WWI. The author is a Scottish journalist/tv personality who spent his childhood summers on Lewis with his Grandmother. The book is published by a Scottish independent publisher but please do NOT read the back cover…all the major plot points are revealed in the blurb on the back cover. This book is beautifully written and very sad. A quote….”Sending their young men off to war had been a sad ritual for so long for the people of the island, and the dust of many of these boys blew across the historic battlefields of Europe and beyond. Yet again the King had called from far away, and the young bloods had rallied to the cry. And when the steel had clashed and the guns had roared and the victory had been won, those who were left would return home and be forgotten again. The Islanders knew this and yet they always marched.  It was God’s will some said” (page 71)  I have reviewed this book with more detail in a past post.

The sinking of the Iolaire was mentioned in  Peter May’s Lewis Trilogy ( sorry but I can’t remember which book) but one of the characters discovers that he is related to the Iolaire hero and it has a profound effect on his life.


letterroad dance


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