LIFE OR DEATH….by Michael Robotham (Sphere, 2014)

Why would a man escape from prison 1 day before being released from a ten-year sentence? It just doesn’t make sense…or does it? Audie Palmer has endured almost daily abuse during his incarceration in an American prison ; he’s been throttled, beaten, stabbed and kicked yet he never uttered a word about the seven million dollars that he stole. Now that he’s loose, he has everybody after him–police (local and state), Feds, crooks, friends and former friends. This book is a genuine page turner, can’t-put-down suspense/mystery. Many twists and turns kept this reader engaged right until the exciting climax.

I have been reading  Robotham’s novels for several years now, and at first I was disappointed that this was not a Joe O’loughlan book. Joe is a psychologist with Parkinson’s disease and simply a great book character.  But I should have had more faith in Mr. Robotham because this book hits all the right notes for a mystery/suspense lover like me. It is also the first of his books that is set in the U.S.A.  Definitely not published in the U.S.A (at least my copy) because we had the Canadian, U.K., Australian spellings for neighbour, colour, harbour,labour, and my spellcheck  was scribbling all over.  This is a stand-alone so it’s as good an introduction to this author as any of his books.. Mr. Robotham is Australian but most of his books are set in England. It is so nice to find an author that I seem to consistently enjoy!!










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One response to “LIFE OR DEATH….by Michael Robotham (Sphere, 2014)

  1. well it was a pretty nice book 2 read. 4 those who havnt read buks by Dan brown n Sidney Sheldon u wil find it a good thriller.
    but after going thru Brown’s buks u can predict the ending much earlier.
    anyways still u can try it.. the story is a good 1.

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