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I love reading, in fact, I love reading so much that I’d like to spend all my spare time(when I am not actually READING books) writing  about books.  Writing reviews–no wait–BLOGGING reviews. I may be over fifty but I’m hip to these newfangled inventions and ideas.  So here I am blogging about the books I have read. I have my favourite styles and genres so they will figure prominently in my blog and I  get 99% of my books from the public library so any book I discuss should be easily accessible to almost anyone. (Call them mainstream if you’d like) I am not a scholar, just a reader and lover of books

  • MYSTERIES:  When my children were young I would read to them every night before bed and when I’d  to close the book and  try to guide them  to their rooms I was always met with a chorus of “one more Chapter”  Likely this had as much to do with delaying bedtime as it did with the story but still, it is exactly how I feel about a good mystery. One more chapter.  A good mystery is hard to put down no matter how late it is, or what time you have to get up in the morning. I can almost always convince myself to read one more chapter and I’ll just double the caffeine in the morning. I have my favourite mysteries. Dark and gritty ,blood and guts– forget it – I hate them .  Just because people are being bludgeoned,  stabbed, shot, poisoned, decapitated, strangled or hanged – it does not mean the characters can’t be polite with one  another. So the one of the first categories I will discuss will be the Victorian-Regency era mysteries. Another category will be what I call MYSTERIOUS LADIES-satisfying mysteries featuring strong female characters. And  STAND ALONE MYSTERIES will feature some good books that aren’t part of a series.
  • ROMANCES: not really big with me UNLESS the male love interest is a tall,strong Scottish warrior type with Viking ancestors. Um, I’m a little particular.
  • BEST BETS: These are the books I would recommend to someone    a) without a lot of time for reading or   b)just rediscovering reading because for some reason (and there are many) they haven’t been able to invest the time in reading until now.  These are the popular books that you are likely to find on bestseller lists or book club lists.  They will sound familiar but they are usually popular for a reason. And many of them have been approved by HERSELF–of course I mean Oprah.
  • CLASSICS: Yes read the classics–but you already know that. You’ve heard it from your high school English teacher, you were nagged by your mother, and the old lady who used to work at the bookstore in the mall (before Chapters was the only bookstore in existence) .  Read the classics, read about the classics…..just not here. I don’t think I could do them justice in a review,

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