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BOG BODIES…. otherwise known as my bog blog

Yes this is a book review but I thought it was timely since Halloween is just around the corner. Bog bodies are actual human bodies discovered in Peat bogs in Northern Europe. They can be thousands of years old but they are well-preserved by the naturally occurring conditions  in the earth; acidic water, low temperatures and lack of oxygen. They have allowed scientists to uncover a wealth of information regarding the food, health and customs of early man and some of  these bodies have  undeniably  been murdered……talk about a cold case! The corpses are usually discovered while the peat is being cut to use as fuel.

Bog Bodies are the focus of a series of books by Erin Hart; HAUNTED GROUND (2003) LAKE OF SORROWS(2004) and FALSE MERMAID(2010). The setting for these books is primarily Ireland although the third book has some action in America.  Nora Gavin is a pathologist and Cormac Maguire is an archeologist and they are called in as a team to investigate when a body is found.(Are they a couple……?) What follows in each book is an old mystery and a new mystery interwoven along with plenty of Irish folklore and legends. In the third book the cold case murder of Nora’s own sister  takes center stage.  I love these books but it seems as though Hart writes in spurts and thus far no new title has been announced.

 If you want to see a bog body 2,000 -year-old Lindow man (often referred to as Pete Marsh) is on display at the British museum.


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